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Book Review: Inkredia - Luwan Of Brida! By Sarang Mahajan

Book Review: Inkredia - Luwan Of Brida! By Sarang Mahajan

Hello Lovely Readers,

How are you guys doing and what are you currently reading? I just finished reading a Fantasy Fiction 'Inkredia: Luwan Of Brida' By an Indian author Sarang Mahajan. This is the Book 1 in the series.

Plot Summary: A dangerous conspiracy begins to unfold, its first step: kill a simple, village boy named Luwan Of Brida. Hunted by a powerful enemy, Luwan sets out on a dangerous journey, clueless why a legendary force, aided by the darkest known demons, wants him dead.

Published By: Gloryburg Publishing

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 386

Price: Rs 345/-

About The Author: Sarang Mahajan is a novelist and a screen writer. An avid fan of fantasy and science fiction, most of his work belongs to these genres. While writing the four books in the Inkredia Series, he is also working on a science fiction series.

My Review: This is the book 1 in the Inkredia series. This books basically covers the introduction of the characters. Who is Luwan and about his village Brida. The story starts with Luwan Of Brida running away from the cruel Lord of his village Gruwak, since he has denied to pay the taxes.
But as Luwan starts his journey, he discovers that it is just not mere ordinary men who are following him, but rather much more powerful and dark forces. 

The book starts with a very pretty map illustration. I must say that when you read the book you can feel that the story is well thought and then all the characters are well build. I love the way how author has described all the characters in the story. Whether it is Luwan's sister or the deadly and killer Ghork Riders.

The journey starts with Luwan's first encounter with the very ghastly assassins Ghork Riders, who are appointed by someone to kill Luwan or Kidnap him. The way author has described them is really impressive, one can totally imagine them and feel how fatal & cruel they are.
My favorite character in the story was Kiliarn, who is their guide and help in the whole runaway.

The story has all the aspects which should be in a good fantasy story like evil and strange creatures, magic, time travel, magical pendents, magical weapons etc

Although, I totally loved the book and the story but the only negative for me was the running part or the journey part seems to be a bit dragged at times. Running away from the Ghork Riders and then again encountering them, then again fighting and running and again encountering them and so on. At last it just felt a bit repetitive to me.
Having said that, do not leave the book in between since the best part of this book is the ending and the suspense. It was totally unexpected. Full marks to the author, could not guess that coming!

The narration style of the author is very engaging and yet in a simple language.
Overall it is a nice fantasy book, if you are lover of Fantasy stories, you will surely enjoy!
I look forward to the next part of this series and see how actually story and characters develop. I surely expect much more magic and drama in the next one!!!!! :)

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