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Book Review: I am M-M-Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

Book Review: I am M-M-Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

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This is the third novel of the Author Rishi.

Plot Summary: An intelligent, good looking young man, Rudra should have been going places, except wherever he goes, he faces ridicule and humiliation because he stammers. His stammering has only ever brought him the wrong kind of attention and he has never been able to overcome it or move past it. Now at 25, he feels completely stifled and embittered that Mumbai, the city of dreams, has always crushed his own dreams, particularly his long cherished one of becoming a film actor.
Then he meets Richa and love gives him a ray of hope. But heartbreak devastates him and he spins into a downward spiral that eventually pushes him to rock bottom. Now, his only way up is to conquer his fear and insecurity once and for all and speak.
Will Mumbai finally listen?

Published By: Vishwakarma Publications

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Price: Rs 250/-

No. Of Pages: 190

About The Author: Rishi Vohra took to writing while he was pursuing his MBA in Sustainability at San Francisco State University, after an extensive career in the Hindi Film Industry. Since then, he has published two novels- Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai (2012) and Hifi in Bollywood (2015)- and a short story, 'The Mysterious Couple', which was featured in Sudha Murthy's anthology- Something happened on the Way To Heaven (2014). I am M-M-Mumbai is his third novel. He currently resides in Mumbai with his wife and daughters.

My Review:
The plot of the book is pretty simple and it is a very fast and easy read. This is something you can read anytime any day!
The story revolves around a young man Rudra Talpade, who lives in Mumbai and his biggest hurdle and challenge in life is 'Stammering'. He is handsome, young & charming and has a dream of becoming a film star. However, his speech problem has always somehow lead to embarrassment and disappointment for him.

The story covers various aspects and ups and down of his life and how he is finally able to achieve what he was destined for. Although he was an assistant director in the Hindi film industry, but his actual dream was to become a big movie actor. But due his speech problem and his past experiences in life till now, he never felt confident enough to even tell this about to anyone. He thinks that he just cannot be the one..

Then he met a girl, for whom he totally fell for and thought now his life would be better and sorted. However, there was an unexpected break up and he just hit rock bottom. He totally lost control over his emotions and life. The stories continues with how he met a complete stranger and how that person pushed him to achieve his dream and be the person, which he thought was impossible.

The story tells a beautiful journey of how he learn to tackle his speech problem, gain confidence and become a completely new person and a movie star!
The story also hints that if something is in your destiny, you will surely get it. 

Overall, it was a nice fresh read for me. The story was not something which was extremely unique or complex. But it was engaging and interesting enough to keep the read going till the end. It is surely a nice one time read.

The language was simple and fluid, with no confusions. It was a pretty light read. Looking forward to read more and the past two books of the author, very soon.
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