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Some Super Useful House Hold Products From Bonita!

Some Super Useful House Hold Products From Bonita!

Hi Friends!

I have recently picked few products for my daily house hold chores, which has helped me a lot to keep my home more organised.
Bonita's products are targeted towards today's needs. All of the product are something which are highly needed and used in today's lifestyle and homes! There are two such very useful day to day house hold products,which I picked recently and would love to share about them with you all. So, Here are they:

1. Alpha Ironing Mat:
2. Clever Pegs

1. Alpha Ironing Mat: 
  • Easy To Fold And Store
  • Compact & Durable Ideal for Daily Use
  • Added Silicon Pad for Keeping Hot Iron
  • Suitable For Larger Clothes
  • Can Be Easily Used On Bed, Counter and Table
  • Comes in Beautiful attractive Prints & Patterns
  • Retails For Rs 995/-  for the Size 'Large'
  • Made In India
  • Proud Winner Of IHA Finalist Award In USA

2. Clever Pegs:
  • Used For Drying Clothes
  • Set Of 12 Pcs
  • Dual Sided Usage
  • Creates Vertical Space
  • No Metal Part. Hence, No risk of Rusting
  • Retails For Rs 135/-
  • Comes in Assorted Colours
  • High Grade Plastic

The biggest problem in Homes specially in Big Cities is the Crunch Of Space. I live in a rented apartment and I could never find a designated and a separate space in my home for setting up my Ironing table. The problem of very less spare space is quite a common issue in today's apartments. As a result, I always have to Iron my clothes on my Bed.

Due to regular Ironing on my Bed, that particular area of the mattress has become little discolored and patchy due to regular heat contact. So, when I spotted this Ironing Mat from Bonita, it instantly caught my attention since it was something which was very much needed! I picked it up and am very happy and satisfied with it. It has solved all my issue of where to Iron my clothes. It can be used on the Bed, Table or Counter.

The quality is very nice and thick and comes with a Silicon Pad to keep the Iron. Just use and fold it and you are done! It is such a comfortable & useful product for all those like me, who do not have adequate space to put a separate Ironing Table. It can be easily used on Bed or even a study table! Also, when you are not using it, it can be folded and kept in a cupboard. It requires a very minimum amount of space.
I would highly recommend this product. It has made my life so much easier and helps me to keep my mattress safe from heat too!

The second product is also quite innovative in itself, which is again a great help for those whose have small balconies.
The Dual Sided Usage helps to use the vertical space and hence more clothes can be dried in less space. However, I would suggest that the second clothing item should be small as compared to the upper item. At the lower end, you can dry something like Socks, Handkerchief, Inners, Hand Towels etc. 

The quality of the plastic is good enough and does not feel cheap. I must say it is also quite a useful product.
You can find these products on Aamzon, Flipkart or their Website

Currently, you can find some amazing discounts going on their website on all the items. Just use the code BON25 and get 25% off.
Also, there are some other amazing and super useful Household products. Make sure to check them out too..

Do leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

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