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My Review: Real Techniques Base Core Collection Face Brushes Set:

My Review: Real Techniques Base Core Collection Face Brushes Set:

Hello Friends, Today i would be reviewing a product, which plays a very important role in having a perfect makeup....And it is "Makeup Brushes"....
Having a good quality and a proper brush can have a huge impact on how your makeup looks! A Perfect brush can really give you that airbrush finish, which helps you to look flawless!!

When it comes to really good quality makeup brushes, the first name that comes to mind is "Real Techniques"!! Every makeup lover whether Indian or a non Indian, have at least one of the Real Techniques brush....I have been wanting them from a very long time since i started having interest in makeup, but i was having some normal makeup brushes and i was using them. So, i decided to buy these Real Techniques brushes now, since i have learnt more about makeup.So i thought now is the right time to invest my money in these totally amazing makeup brushes!
So, here is the full review about the brushes i have bought.....These are Core Collection Coverage Essentials:

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About the Product:

  • Real Techniques brushes are counted as one of the Best makeup brushes in the market.
  • These brushes are really good in quality. Feels very smooth & soft on skin.
  • This Core Collection Set has 4 brushes- 1.Contour Brush 2. Pointed Foundation Brush 3. Detailer Brush 4. Buffing Brush
  • This set is beasically desingned to having a perfect canvas before starting your makeup.
  • Synthetic Taklon bristles are non porous and do not absorb any kind of bacteria or dead skin cells or excess makeup.
  • Bristles are specially hand cut and cruelty free.
  • You can get great discounts on Amazon. 
  • Retails for INR 2300
  • Comes with a Panoramic Case for drying and carrying your brushes.
  • There are many other Real Techniques set also available. You can choose according to your need.Like there is a started set or Set of 6 brushes.
  • Contour Brush:Delicately applies highlighter to the cheekbones for a sheer and soft focus contour.
  • Pointed  Foundation Brush: Unique cut for use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage.
  • Detailer brush: Precision cut to conceal your problem areas easily. Can be used for defining your lipstick on lips.
  • Buffing Brush: Used for application of foundation for a flawless coverage as well for face powder application.

My Experience!

After using these brushes for a couple of times itself, I came to know why these are so popular and respected makeup brushes in the market. These feels so good on the skin. These are cruelty free brushes, which is such a great point. 
Some of the synthetic brushes I tried before did not feel that great on skin. It was as if something artificial synthetic was rubbing on my skin. I somehow did not liked the feel of those. These on the other feel so soft and smooth on skin.It feels as if it will honestly will not damage your skin.

The buffing brush in this kit is such a life savior!!It blends my foundation with such a great finish. Not at all streaky...I am using two foundations these days..One is Liquid while the other one is Mousse Foundation. Both of them blends magically into the skin with the help of this buffing brush..It does not look as if some separate layer of foundation is there on my face..

As for the Foundation brush, I found it little bit small in the dimensions. I have a separate Foundation brush which is bigger than this.So, i generally use that or the Buffing brush for my base routine. This brush I am using for my concealer application.

The Contour brush is another an amazing one!!! You can use this for contouring your face. I sometimes also use this brush for my blush application. It works great for that too!!
 I really love when a single product can be used for a multiple uses. It definitely saves a lot of money and extra effort. 

Lastly, the retailed brush: I have been using this one as my Lip brush. However, this is really a nice brush for spot concealing ! If you have acne marks here and there on your face, you can surely use this brush to hide those through the concealer application! It works great for that too!!

Also, i would like to add that these brushes did not absorb or waste a lot of your expensive make up product. It just picks up the right amount of makeup...After spending my hard earned money on getting some makeup, i do not want it to get waste in any manner....So, it is good that it do not waste any kind of your product.

On and all this set is of a great use for doing the base. I do not have much of a negative things to say about it. I got this for around INR 1200, since it was on a discount on Amazon. I will give you the link below in case you want to buy this...On many other websites also these are available.
And yes! Definitely the Buffing brush is my favorite of all!!

You can buy this at Amazon here:


I love these Real Techniques Brushes. I am happy i invested my money on these. Do let me know which are your favorite makeup brushes...OR Do you also use any of the Real Techniques..

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