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Book Review: The Life And Times Of A Common Man By Sanjay Chandra

Book Review: The Life And Times Of A Common Man By Sanjay Chandra

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The book today we are talking about is about a man from a middle class family in India and his journey and challenges to fulfill his dreams. The name of the book is The Life And Times Of A Common Man by author Sanjay Chandra.

Plot Summary: He was born in a middle class family in small town India of the late fifties.
His parents chose for him the direction that his life should take. Yet, something was lacking. Was this the path that he was meant to walk? Did he want this?
He fought his chosen destiny at every stage of his life. Would he be able to realise his true destiny?

Genre: Biography

Language: English

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Notion Press

No. Of Pages: 156

Price: Rs 195/-

About The Author: Sanjay Chandra was born in a middle class family in small town India in 1959. He completed his professional degree in electrical engineering and hoined the railway services. He first quit his railway job to join a government company and then quit government job to join private sector. Eventually, he quit the private sector also and became an entrepreneur. He started writing his memoirs on social media, when he realised that people from middle class India still faces the dilemmas that he faced during his journey of life.

I really liked the way author has shared his journey of life as a common man..
Being born in a middle class family in India comes with a lot of expectations. In the time author was born, mostly career was chosen by the family. A kid simply has to follow a life path pre decided for him..But what if someone wants something else ?
Will a common man in India will always be a part of the crowd and follow pre decided destiny..Or is it in the hands of a common man to make his life uncommon...
Book is like his diary full of his memories from different stages of his life...Childhood, teenager, starting of his career..
Author has made a very honest attempt and kept the details and experiences realistic.
People who belong to the same group will even enjoy it more.
A nice read!

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