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Book Review: A Useful death By Sriram Chellapilla

Book Review: A Useful death By Sriram Chellapilla

Hello Lovely Readers,

Hope everyone is doing good.
Today I would be reviewing a book named as 'A Useful Death' by an Indian author Sriram Chellapilla.

Plot Summary: Aspiring actress Priya is dead. It's a suicide and rumour has it that Anil, son of politician and former Telgu movie superstar Mohan Krishna, drove her to it. Just another film industry scandal? Or something bigger, much bigger?
Partha, hired by Mohan Krishna's family to handle the crisis, thinks so. Why won't such a powerful father defend his son, Partha wonders. Is there an intra- family war? Whose interests are playing out in the media and on social media? Is a political game afoot or is this all connected to Mohan Krishna's own dubious past? And why are student unions getting involved?
Even as Partha and his associates, Seema and Harish, confront the ethics of being involved in a war with no heroes, they are drawn into a dangerous hunt. They must negotiate a tangled and vicious world to answer one question: a young woman is dead- to whom is her death useful?

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Westland Publications

Format: Paperback

No. Of Pages: 410

Price: Rs 399/-

My Review:
The story starts with a suicide of a struggling actress Priya. Soon after her death, rumors started to fume that Anil son of politician and former movie superstar Mohan Krishna is involved...
Is it suicide or a murder?
The book is definitely a good and interesting thriller to read. Story and the plot is quite engaging and full of twists and turns. It shows some of the ugly truth of our society...Be it in film industry or as a society as a whole...

Language is pretty simple and people with different age group can easily enjoy reading this. Fast read.Can be easily finished in a couple of days...

Overall a good thriller by an Indian author.
Make sure to pick a copy for yourself...Here is the link to buy:

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