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Sivanna Colors Baking Highlight Review and Swatch..

Sivanna Colors Baking Highlight Review and Swatch:

Hi Friends, today i would be reviewing a product which i am really loving lately...
So, today i would be sharing my review and some of the swatches about Sivanna Colors Baking Highlight..

I got this beauty product last month, ever since i have been using this as my highlighter and it is working really good. So here is some information\review about it.
  • Packaging: First thing first, packaging is quite good. It comes in a black cardboard box. Once you open it there is this round shape pan kind of with see through top cover, through which you can see the highlighter. I really like the packaging, not at all cheap, classy looking. 
  • Shade Variants: I got in from Amazon and there i found three shades in this product. I took the shade 03. There were 01 and 02. But the reason why i opted for 03 is, that in the pics there 01 and 02 were looking more silver tone to me and i wanted my highlighter to have more warm or gold undertone to it, so i picked 03.
  •  Price: Sivanna products are always very pocket friendly. I got this in around INR 350. Affordability wise is totally thumbs up.
  • Travel friendly: I would say you can take it with you while travelling, firstly the product is soo good that you dont feel like leaving it on a holiday:-). Secondly, the lid close quite tightly so no risk for messing your bag with powder all over.
  • Design: The designing given to it is so beautiful. It has these waves kind of design all over.
  • Does it contains Paraben: Yes it does!
  • Availability : Can get it online. Example from Flipkart or Amazon
  • Pigmentation: Too good. Little bit of it is enough. Love it
  • Texture: Smooth in application
So, finally if you are looking for a good highlighter without spending a huge amount of money, definitely give this one a try. It does its job of making high points of face glow pretty nicely like the high end ones. 

Totally worth the money!
Please do share your thoughts if you like this article helpful or your experience with the similar product.
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