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Benefits of Rose Water

Benefits of Rose Water

Hi Friends, today i would be sharing few of the benefits of rose water.
Everyone loves rose water since it smell so nice and refreshing, it look so beautiful, but besides this rose water have various benefits for skin.

Rose water maintains skin pH balance and helps to control excess oil. Lets see some of the benefits of Rose Water in detail below:

  •  It is suitable for all skin types whether you have oily skin or dry skin or combination skin. This is reason why rose water is being used in beauty regimes from ages, since anybody can use it.
  • Rose Water helps to maintain skin pH balance.
  • It cools down the skin and make it feel refreshed.
  • It is a natural toner hence helps to control excess oil.
  • It even tones the skin
  • Rose Water has anti inflammatory property which helps to reduce redness of irritated skin.
  • It hydrates and moisturises the skin making it smooth
  • It contains anti bacterial properties which helps to reduce acne, pimples
  • It is also said that rose water can also helps to control appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rose water is also known in aroma therapy, its fragrance relaxes mind. It even helps to get a proper sleep.
  • Its astringent property helps to clear the pores of the skin
  • Rose water is used in making various kinds of face packs 
So those were the few benefits of rose water, although there is a never ending list of its amazing uses and benefits.

Rose water is being used in most of the beauty products now a days. But it is not new into the beauty and skin care world, rose water has been used from generations by women to take care of their beauty.

So, let us all also use this amazing magic natural product for our skin to keep it all glowing and beautiful..
Happy Reading!

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