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My Review:Lotus Herbals Matte Gel Safe Sun SunBlock: Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin

My Review:Lotus Herbals Matte Gel Safe Sun Sun Block: Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin:

Hi Friends, today's article is in kind of continuation of my earlier post( Best sunscreen for oily skin).
After trying out so many sun screens i have zeroed in two sun screens, which are super good for oily skin. It does not make skin greasy, oily or shiny at all.

Both of the products are from Lotus Herbals:
 1. Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily sunblock (as reviewed in my earlier post)
2. Lotus UV Screen Matte GEL sunblock

About the Products in Detail:

The best part of both the products, which make them very very suitable for oily or combination skin is their Matte Finish. After their application, within 2-3 minutes they get totally absorbed into the skin with 100% matte finish. No oiliness or shine or  white ghostly layer on finish. excellent finish.

Major Difference: The major difference between the two is: One is clear gel consistency while the other one has little coverage.
3 in 1 Matte Look has little bit of coverage in it which is good for daily use. You can use it just like that also when you are not applying any makeup or at home just chilling...Just apply this and you are done, it will give you little bit of coverage making skin little even tone as well as providing the required skin protection. It can be used before makeup as well.

Lotus Matte gel on the other hand is a clear Gel consistency, no coverage. This product is also awesome, it gets absorbs into the skin like magic. No oil or greasiness. Totally worth the money. You can use it before applying your makeup since it is transparent gel, gets 100% absorbed, non greasy, very comfortable on skin. It has SPF 50. Retails for INR 295 for 50g of product.

So, both the product are so worth the money. All skin type people can use it. When i said earlier good for oily skin people does not mean it is drying and dry skin cannot use it. Dry skin people can also totally use it and it will work great for them as well. But yes bonus points for oily ones since it is really difficult to find good sunscreen for oily skin, which do not make their skin oily.

I really hope this post for useful for you readers. Do not forget to comment and follow if you enjoyed reading this.
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