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DIY Time: Skin Brightening Home made Face Mask (With Strawberry)

DIY Time: Skin Brightening Home made Face Mask: (With Strawberry)

Hi Friends, Its time for again easy yet amazing DIY. But today the main ingredient in this beauty pack is something we all girls love- Strawberries!

Now who doesn't like strawberry, that beautiful red color with heart shape. It is for sure every girl's favourite. Strawberries are used widely in ice creams, deserts etc but it can be used too for benefiting our skin.  
So, today i would be sharing this very easy DIY face pack for Skin brightening. In today's hectic life our skin often becomes dull, tired or tanned. Use this DIY to brighten up your skin and feel fresh.

2-3 Strawberries
2 teaspoon of Curd
1 teaspoon of Honey

Lets see how these ingredients work for our skin:

Strawberry: These are rick in anti oxidants and other excellent nutrients which helps to remove acne scars and any kind of pigmentation or blemishes. It also helps to exfoliate skin and remove dead cells making it bright and clear.It also contains vitamin C which helps to control premature aging of skin.
Curd\Yogurt: Curd or Yogurt contains lactic acid. It has anti fungal properties so helps in reducing acne. Curd has been used from ages to remove pigmentation and tan from the skin. Curd can work wonders in making skin soft and radiant by removing its darkness. It also helps to calm and cool down the skin in summers.It also absorbs the excess oil from the skin making it clean.
Honey: Honey is great way to moisturize your skin leaving it soft and supple. It makes sure that while scrubbing, skin does not become overly dry. It hydrates the skin to keep it soft.

Mash the strawberries with help of a fork. Add honey and yogurt to it. Make a even paste and apply it on your face for about 10-15 minutes and was it off with normal water. This pack can be applied upto 2 times a week.

So, friends that was a amazing face pack to get rid of that dull and tired skin and make it glow and clean. Hope you guys will try this simple DIY and please do share your experiences if you have tried this.
Happy Reading!

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