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Great Uses of Coconut Oil:

Great Uses of Coconut Oil:

Hi Friends, today i would be sharing some of the amazing uses of coconut oil apart from using it as a hair oil. Some of benefits\uses of coconut oil are so great and it can also really help to save money on some of the costly high end beauty or skin care products. 
 Coconut oil has a anti bacterial property and anti fungal property which helps in deep conditioning of skin and hairs.
So, here we go:

  •  Most popular use of coconut oil is in hair oiling. Applying it 2 hours before taking bath on hairs and then washing it off  makes hairs so soft and shiny. Coconut oil can also be applied on hairs overnight,but oily skin people should avoid it since it makes face little oily which can lead to breakout(has happened with me). From ages coconut oil is considered as one of the best oil for hair growth and nourishment.
  • As a body moisturizer: In winters when our skin is so dry that sometime applying just a simple body lotion wont serve the purpose, you can opt for coconut oil. It can be used as skin moisturizer which helps to keep skin supple and soft more effectively. You can use it as it is or can be mixed with your favorite body lotion too.
  • Good for cuticles: Coconut oil has everything to take good care of nail cuticles. Applying coconut oil and massaging it properly on the cuticles will keep them soft.
  • Can be used as a Lip Scrub: Mixing coconut oil with sugar makes an excellent lip scrub.It really helps to exfoliate lips gently and removing the dead cells or skin, making them soft and supple.
  •  As a makeup remover: Why to spend money on all those expensive makeup removers when you have coconut oil in your kitchen. Yes, coconut oil removes all kind of makeup including those rigid water proof eyeliners and mascara. Take some oil on cotton pad, keep it on your eye for about 2-3 seconds so that it will break all the makeup and then wipe it off. Coconut oil will remove any kind of makeup like mascara, blush, foundation etc
  • As a shaving cream: If you are planning to shave your legs, try to put coconut oil on legs before it. Massage the oil on your legs and then shave off, it will leave your skin more smooth than a regular shaving.
  • Coconut oil is also know for delaying the process of wrinkles or having fine lines on skin. It can be used on stretch marks. So it do have a anti ageing property.
 So, those were some of the benefits of coconut oil, i am sure there might be many more.
Hope you guys like it. Do share your thoughts. Happy Reading!

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  1. OMG!! what an amazing blog post !! I also love the design <3 I love blogs like this :D


    1. Thanks Jadiee so much for the lovely comment..Stay tuned for more interesting posts like this..


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