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Dry Skin Care Tips....How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin...

Dry Skin Care Tips....How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin...

Hi Friends, My last post was regarding 'Oily Skin Care tips', so in continuation of that series today i have 'Dry Skin Care Tips'..
How to keep your skin hydrated and maintain in a proper way...

The main problem or the most important aspect of Dry Skin, is to keep it hydrated..
Now,one can get or have a dry skin texture by birth or due to number of factors..Lets see in bit of a more detail:
  •  First and foremost reason is By Birth. One can have dry skin by birth...So it is God gifted.
  • As you age,your skin tends to reduce its oil content in it and moves towards dry or combination side..So, Age is the another factor
  • Very low consumption of water and Liquids
  • Wrong Eating habits
  • Improper Lifestyle or too much of stress
  • Being too much in sun or in pollution
  • Skin reacts differently in different seasons, so in Winters your skin tends to get more dry..
  • If you are living in a very Cold Areas..Like Hill Station etc where most of the time it is kind of winters, then obviously your skin can be more towards dry or combination side.
 How To Take Care Of Your Skin, If It Is Dry:
  • The most important thing is to keep your skin hydrated..For this try to drink lots of water. Infact not only water for that matter, drink lots of Liquids..Be It a Fruit Juice or water or Lime Water etc. The main purpose is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Try to drink Coconut Water, if possible..Too good for Skin!
  • Always apply a good moisturizer.Now, for oily skin people it is always recommended to use light texture or gel based formulas...However, for you dry skin guys..try to pick more rich formulas...Only light and gel based formulas may not be sufficient to fulfill your skin moisture needs..Try to go for more thick and rich hydration...
  • Oils work great for dry skin..You can use Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Baby oils...All work good for dry skin.Olive oil is quite rich in anti oxidants and works great to provide that right amount of moisture to skin or dry patches..
  • Facial oils are blessing...both for Oily skin or Dry skin...Just choose the right one..
  • Dry Skin often faces issues like flaky skin, dead accumulated cells thus making skin look dull and dry. Exfoliate. Guys, scrub or exfoliate your skin regularly...Once in a week...It really helps to clean all those dead cells and dry flaky skin..will help to get you a smooth skin...I have a full article on the benefits of Exfoliation..Check out that..
  •  Take a proper diet..Eat lots of Fruits and Veggies..
  • Always think, see and then select a skin care or a beauty product. Do not follow the trend blindly. Just check whether the ingredients or the texture is suitable for dry skin or if a beauty product is soap based, then definitely continuous use of that product will make your skin even more dry... Choose a product which is mild, not soap based..
  •  For Dry skin choose beauty or skin care products having oil or cream based rather than water or gel or soap based...So, that these products will help your skin to cope up its oil need.
  • If you have time or on weekends, try to make use of some of the natural products which are easily present in every household and works magically for dry skin like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey, Aloe Vera Gel, Curd, Milk....Try to use them for your skin care....There are so many ways to use them...Check out my blog for your suitable DIY...
  • So, the crux for Dry skin is "Keep Your Skin Hydrated"...The more your keep your skin moisturized, the more it will glow and will be soft..
 Always Exfoliate your skin once in a week, apply good moisturizer. 
Just think and then choose your skin care product....Hope this article is useful for you readers.
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