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My Mini Organic SkinCare Haul( For my DIYs)

My Mini Organic Skin Care Haul (For my DIYs):

Welcome friends to my Mini Skin Care Haul, in which all the 3 products are organic..I Basically purchased these items for my DIYs....So You guys will be seeing a lot of skin care DIY or face packs and all with the help of these ingredients. ...

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So, girls, the 3 Skin Care Organic things i bought are:
1. Etheric Rose Petal Powder 
2. Naturmed's Orange Peel Powder
3. Banjara Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder

1. Etheric Rose Petal Powder: Now this is thing out of the 3, i am most excited for..Since i have read about skin benefits of rose water or rose powder, i have always wanted to try them...Obviously I use rose water daily...It is the best toner for your you can have...I have done a full Post on the benefits of rose water....
Here is the link:
 The Packaging of the product says that It is Indian Traditional herbs of divine grace,renowned for their therapeutic and cosmetic values..So this product is Made in India..I got it from Amazon....So It is Fine Powder of dried rose petals. It is a natural skin toner, helps in skin inflammation and prickly heat and makes skin soft smooth & glowing...I can surely see myself using this in my so many DIYs...I am hoping that it do smells like roses...It retails somewhere around INR150 for 100gms.
2.Naturmed's Orange Peel Powder: Orange is full of Vitamin c and other nutrients, which are very good for skin...It makes your skin glow and clean...So i got this one for my DIYs...When i was in college, my mom use to make this orange peel powder in home.....And i use to use to while taking bath...Really this thing works!But MOMs are MOMs and i am lazy to dry those and make powder of them..So as of now i will use this ready made Orange Peel Powder.I got it online from Snapdeal. Retails for INR 60 for 100 grams.It is Made in India...The best thing is these all are super affordable..So even if they don't work that great, you will not feel as if Oh my God! why did i wasted so much money on it..So these are worth the try! The shelf life is approx 3 years, which is good enough..So, let me see how it works..

3. Banjara Multani Mitti with Cucumber: Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth is something which is not at all new to me...I have tried so many brands...And this time i got this one from Banajara. Multani mitti is extremely good for Oily skin people like me...It sucks all the excess oil from the pores and make them clean and tight. It also helps in providing the tightness to the skin...It really helps to prevent pimples..This one from Banajra has Cucumber extract also in it, which is surely a added bonus since cucumber is known to provide cooling to the skin and help to relax and rejuvenate it..

So Friends, those were the three things i got for my upcoming DIYs...... Do share your suggestions!
I will be sharing lots of tips and tricks on how to use these skin care stuff...
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Happy Reading!

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