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My Review: 7 Heaven's Photogenic Chubby Lip Crayons!!!

My Review: 7 Heaven's Photogenic Chubby Lip Crayons!!!

Hello Girls, When it comes to makeup love or purchasing makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is Lipsticks!! We all girls love lipsticks and they can never be enough in our collection!
Sometimes it is Matte or Glossy and sometimes it is Nudes to Hot Pinks and Reds....Trends keep on changing and our lipstick collection keeps on growing!! :)
I also was browsing Flipkart for some things and ended up getting these two cute chubby Lipsticks...
Lets see what and how they are:

I have two colors with me..One is Red and the other one is Pink...Names of both the lipsticks are:
1.506 Bountiful Blush
2. 512 Rouge Glamour

About the Product and My Experience :

These chubby sticks are from a brand called " 7 Heaven's". Honestly, i have not heard about this brand ever before and on the online shopping website, these Lipsticks looks promising and affordable so i decided to gave it a try.However,on the Lipsticks it is mentioned that it is Made in Taiwan, so i am guessing it is some Taiwan Brand.

These are very very similar to Clinique Chubby sticks...Pigmentation of these lipsticks are so amazing! Full points on the color payoff..These are insanely pigmented and just one coat would be enough to get a full opaque color...I hate those lipsticks, which you really need to apply 2-3 layers to get a proper color...It just feels so uncomfortable and tacky! This problem is not at all in these lipsticks..Just one swipe and you are good to go..

Hydration Wise, These are very well creamy and not at all drying on the lips.These are not Matte, if that is what you are thinking! They are creamy and will remain creamy, they will not dry as Matte. 
These are purely hydrating and moisturizing Lipsticks...I really like it..I am not someone who will always go for Matte Lipsticks, since regular use of them makes my lips so dry and chappy...So, i like to switch between Creamy and Matte Lippies!
These Lip Crayons i must are very comfortable on Lips....Easy to Apply..Comes in a Retractable Packaging...So no wastage of the product...

Really Affordable.....Got these for around INR 200.

Now comes the Down Side of these 7 Heaven's Lip Crayons: Staying power is not very impressive and one of the main reason i guess is because of its extremely creamy texture..It will transfer! If you are eating or going out for a full day, then surely it will transfer and fade off and you will need to retouch it...I really like the mild moisturized finish it gives to my lips but if i am going out, i make sure to carry these in my purse! 

Both the colors came out to be amazing for me as i expected..Pink one is surely working nice as for daily work wear and Red one suits perfectly for weekend outing..
These has a very mild scent to them..Not disturbing at all!

Packaging is really cute and color coordinated..Retractable sticks..
If you are looking a good affordable option in Non- Matte Lip sticks, these can be a decent buy.Colors are similar to few of the High End Lipsticks....
Just make sure to carry them in your purse while going out since you will need to reapply them to maintain a proper look.

Rating- 3/5

Do Pick one for yourself from amazon :)

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