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My Review: Neesh Perfumes

My Review: Neesh Perfumes:

Hello Friends, Today I would be reviewing a Perfume range named as "Neesh Perfumes". These perfumes are known for their very Indian and Aromatic fragrances. I have got two variances:

  • Oud E Khaas
  • Attar E Neesh
Let see How and What this Product is:

Neesh is basically the first Attar based Perfume brand of India. So,all the variances smells very Indian. Likewise, they have named their all perfumes a very unique and Indian names likes Attar E Neesh and Oud E Khaas, which instantly reminds me of rich Indian history.

First things first, they do score full marks on the Packaging.It is colorful and beautifully designed.First comes the glossy outer cover and the perfume bottle is actually a plastic bottle.
Their Packaging is something which you can actually carry while travelling.
  • They have plastic bottles, which makes it very easy to carry with you, without the risk of breaking it.
  • Not at all bulky, quite light weight so ca be easily carries by men in their wallets as well.
  • Size is very compact and sleek. Very good for again carrying in your purse and wallets and even in a pocket.
They have in total 12 variances- 6 for Ladies and 6 for Men.You can pick according to your choice.Also, they have categorized their perfumes according to the Light, Medium and Strong Variances. I have selected the Light ones and have got these two.
Price wise it retails for INR 340 for 20 ml of product.


It claims that the fragrance stays up to 12 hours.I would say it lasts easily for around 9-10 hours, since the smell is quite strong.So, it does have a great staying power.Just one spray would be enough.Do not spray 2-3 times in a one go, otherwise fragrance would be too strong to handle. 

These came out to be little too strong for my taste and preference in particular.I am someone who always like a mild and soft floral and fruity smells. These Neesh Perfumes instantly reminds of those Indian spices and Agarbattis (Incense Sticks). So, these were not exactly the soft and mild daily wear perfumes i prefer. If you are someone. who loves Indian Attars, the definitely you are going to love these!
These surely have that strong aromatic and Indian spice kind of smell and this makes these to last really really long through out the day.

 The Red One "Oud E Khaas", they call this as their "Red Carpet" perfume.Top notes would be Musk,Agar Wood and Saffron.Really good one for the parties!
The Dark one "Attar E Neesh", is a very strong fragrance with top notes as Saffron, Blackwood, Indian Rose.

I hope in future they will launch more fragrances which are more subtle and soft, so that people like me who prefers really mild fragrances can also love these equally.

You can buy these perfumes at their Neesh Official website Or from Amazon and Flipkart.

Hope you will find this article useful and interesting. Do share your thoughts!

Happy Reading!

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    1. Thanks for the comment Pooja..Yes Packaging of these perfumers is really good!


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