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My Review: Q&Q Analog Purple Dial Wrist Watch

My Review: Q&Q Analog Purple Dial Wrist Watch:

Hello Friends,

I love to wear wrist watch and loves to purchase and increase my watch collection. I recently purchased a very basic yet colorful daily wear wrist watch for myself, from a very popular brand "Q&Q". I have already shared a couple of pics on my Instagram so do follow me there too :) My Instagram for getting regular updates and new pics!!!

Let me tell you the details and my review for this watch....

I purchased this Q&Q Purple Dial wrist watch online from Snapdeal. I wanted to purchase a non metallic i.e a leather strap wrist watch for wearing daily to my work...My skin is allergic to artificial metal so no matter how good is the quality of the metal, i tend to get small red bumps on my skin..I keeping switching from metallic one to strap ones every now and then.So having a good leather strap watch is a must for me!!! And here is the new addition in my watch collection and i am really enjoying wearing this fresh colorful watch..

I ordered in from an online shopping website Snapdeal...This watch retails for INR 895, which I think is super reasonable..I can still see this model in stock, so if you guys like this you can still purchase this from Snapdeal.

  • From a popular brand named as Q&Q
  • Dial Shape: Round
  • Dial Color: Purple
  • Needles: Silver color
  • Strap Type : Leather
  • Gender: Women
  • Display: Analog
  • Model : C192J325Y_VOI
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Retail : INR 895

My Review:

While first finalizing this one, I was bit confused as in the Snapdeal photographs, the purple color looks quite bright purple. I wanted a colorful watch but definitely not something which looks like a kids watch.
Then finally I ordered it and am quite happy with the product. The purple color is quite classy and subtle, not at all bright candy types..I am wearing it to my work and have received quite a few compliments already! :)

With the price tag it comes with, I would say that quality is good and rough and tough. Not at all looking cheap. Obviously you cannot expect it to look like a high end watch considering its affordable price!! Dial and strap is Purple color and the needles and numbers are in silver color and compliments the Purple color beautifully.

I already use to have one watch from Q&Q and quality of that watch too turned out to be really good and i used it for many years on a daily basis, so i was not hesitant to buy watch from this brand since i have already tried and used its quality....And i am expecting same performance from this one too..

It came in a metallic box with the watch inside wrapped on a sponge cushion. It has a warranty card too inside. For me I am totally satisfied with the product..It came in perfectly fine condition and is surely a genuine Q&Q product. Delivery was quite on time as mentioned on the snapdeal website.

If you are looking for something, which you can wear to your work or to your college daily, this is definitely a very good option.Very Affordable. 
A total thumbs up product from my side..

Rating- 4/5

Do tell me which is your favorite watch at the moment...
Do like and comment your thoughts..:)

Happy Reading!

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