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My Review: INATUR Oil Control SkinCare Range (Facewash,Face Pack & Toner)

My Review: INATUR Oil Control Skin Care Range (Facewash,Face Pack & Toner):

Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing great!! Whenever it comes to good natural skincare products, I become really excited to try them and then share with you all about them!!

Today I bring to you a Herbal Skincare brand INATUR, which I have tried recently and am highly impressed with the quality they maintain in their products. I have been using their Kumkumadi Facial Oil from some time now...Have done full review on it too..Here is the link:

My Review: INATUR Kumkumadi Tailam

Recently, I tried their skin care products including a Facewash, Facepack and a Cucumber Toner. I have a super oily skin and in summer monsoons, it becomes even more oily and prone to acne. So, these three produces are specially designed for the oily skin and helps to control excess oil and cleaning the clogged pores!

About the Brand:

INATUR is a skincare and a hair care brand, whose products are made with our good old Herbs and Ayurveda. Their products are 100% natural and tested to ensure its suitability for everyone. The founder of the brand is Pooja Nagdev, who is a renowned cosmetologist. All the products are really high on quality and very safe to use. Most of the products are affordable and they offer a huge range of products to select from. They even have skin care products for Men :)

About the Products:

  • Oil Control Facewash: The first thing today I am going to talk about is, Oil Control Facewash. It contains 5 precious herbs namely Basil, Clove, Neem, Teatree and Turmeric. All of these ingredients are known to purify and cleanse skin.Turmeric is known for its antibacterial properties, hence helps to reduce the pimples and acne. It is meant for the people with Oily OR Combination skin.  This Facewash helps to remove excess Oil, impurities and dead cells and open the clogged pores. It is 100% soap free.Retails for INR 130 for 75ml of product, which is quite a fair price.

  • Oil Control Face Pack: The second in the range is Oil Control Face pack, meant for Oily, normal and blemished skin. The main ingredients being Tea Tree Oil and Tulsi Oil, hence helps to fade those blemish marks and simultaneously providing the required nourishment to the skin. Tea Tree Oil is known to do wonders for the acne prone skin and Tulsi is very famous for purification and even out the skin complexion. Retails for INR 150 for 50 ml of product. It is a dermatologically tested product hence safe to use!

  • Cucumber Toner: Last but not the least is the Cucumber toner. It is Facial mist, the main ingredient being Cucumber. Even after washing your face, sometimes dirt or oil still remains..So, these kind of toner helps to remove whatever is left hence cleaning the face thoroughly. It has Basil Oil, Cucumber, Lemon Oil, Teatree Oil. All these ingredients helps in purification and refreshing the skin. Retails for INR 225 for 100ml of product.

My Experience:

INATUR Oil Control Face Wash: First thing first, it has a beautiful packaging!! A green colored tube with light green leaves made all over...The packaging itself looks very organic and has a fresh feel. Second thing I want to mention here is this face wash smells incredible!! :-) I so much love its fragrance! I personally do not mind a very mild fragrance in my skin care products and this one is so far my favorite. Such a soothing and relaxing sweet fragrance. 
It has a gel kind of consistency and is 100% soap free, hence does not lather much. Most of the people with Oily skin like me is habitual of washing their face with a facewash which lathers quite well and we gets satisfied that our face is totally clean now. So, this was a nice change for me. But I must say it did its job perfectly fine and after washing my face, I felt that all the dirt and oil is removed and skin look clean and fresh. It is a Sulphate free product. For me this face wash worked perfectly.

INATUR Oil Control Face Pack: Once or twice in a week, I like to use some kind of face pack so that my skin could be nourished from time to time. So, I tried this face pack which has Tea Tree Oil and Tulsi Oil. Tea Tree Oil is very much  known for its anti bacterial properties and hence help to remove impurities and reduce acne bacteria. Also, this has Clove Oil, Glycerin, Tulsi Oil etc so it will nourish the skin also. This face pack also like the above face wash, smells divine!!! :-) very similar too... I applied it twice a week and left it for 10-15 mins each time and then very gently with massage washed it off.. One thing I instantly noticed was besides feeling my skin clean, it also felt soft...Sometimes, some face pack specially meant for Oil control make skin excessive dry and stretchy....With this one, I did not faced this problem and my skin felt totally soft and supple. Consistency is quite thick and creamy..  It does not contain any animal fat and is PH balanced.

INATUR Cucumber Toner: It is a facial mist and comes in plastic spray bottle. The cap is quite sturdy and closes with a click sound..I have traveled with this in my luggage once and cap remained tight and did not spill at all. The smell of this is not very amazing like the above two products but it smells exactly like a cucumber soaked in water. If you leave a cucumber soaked in water overnight..the next morning it smells exactly like this!!! :) 
I just spray this on a clean face and tap a Little bit and then let it absorb into the skin. OR If you want OR if you have been outdoor full day, then you can take a cotton pad and gently swipe the face. This way any left over dirt or oil will be removed and pores will be clean and unclogged hence no risk of breakout.

I really liked all the three products and all did their job perfectly fine. My personal favorite out of the three is the face wash. I would highly recommend INATUR products since they actually maintain a very good quality and are properly tested.

This range according to me will work really good for Oily skin people!! Do share your thoughts if you have also tried any of these products.


Do Pick one for Yourself :)

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