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Book Review: Pi Agency By Neelabh Pratap Singh

Book Review: Pi Agency By Neelabh Pratap Singh!

Hi Friends,

How is everyone? Monsoons have already knocked at many places in the country.
And Reading while it is raining outside, is one of the bestest things!!!

So If you are looking to buy a new book to read, Here is Review & Recommendation from my side:
The book I would be reviewing today is 'Pi Agency' By an Indian author Neelabh Pratap Singh.

Plot Summary:

                                      A Lady Detective 
                                      A Clandestine Cartel
                                      A Crooked Battle

Rashmi Purohit is a failed CBI aspirant. With no future in Indian law enforcement, she turned to working alongside the law. Now running her own agency out of her claustrophobic basement, Rashmi is dying for a notable case and a big break.
A wealthy entrepreneur with a troubled, drug addicted son seems like the perfect client. But when Rashmi and her impetuous, barely competent employees stumble into a Dark Web based investment conspiracy, the detective knows she has kicked a hornet's nest. Rashmi might just solve the case- but only if it doesn't kill her, destroy her agency, or make her betray her father's legacy one last time.

Published By: Author

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 313

Price: Rs 399/-

About The Author:
Neelabh Pratap Singh is a mechanical engineer by profession and works with Triumph Motorcycles. He lives in Gurgaon with his wife. He is an avid reader and a passionate storyteller. He started as a blogger, writing short stories for various platforms. His passion for storytelling led him to take up the gargantuan task of writing a full fledged novel.

My Review:
To start with, the size of the book is quite compact. It is not one of those heavy weight large books. These kind of books are perfect to carry in your handbag while you are travelling or to read while daily commuting, since they do not eat much of a space\weight of the bag.
The title of the book is very appropriate as per the story.

The main character of the story is a young woman Rashmi Purohit, who runs a small detective agency, with her two employees and want to make it big some day. She finally gets a big break, when a big businessman Brajesh hired her, to help with his drug addict son and to know the real people behind the whole system.

Basically the story revolves around a very important yet sensitive issue like drug addiction in country's youth and all about Drug Racket. Story involves how the drug market works and how they target young generation. There are also references to some topics like TOR, Bitcoin etc which makes the read even more interesting.

It is quite a fast paced story and you will be compelled to read it without keeping it down. The story has been built in a very interesting way, without complex plots and situations. It was like a watching movie, where you want to complete it without taking a break.
I am very impressed with the story telling style of the author. The main plot never got ignored, to put the fancy things in. The story kept moving forward making a proper sense, with a sensible ending.
Although it is a work of fiction, but the story looks very believable, so a big thumbs up to the author.

The language is very simple and lucid. People of any age group can read it. Even if you have just started up with the reading, you can easily enjoy this book and finish it in few days.

If you love reading thrillers, mystery and detective stories, you will surely love this book. I would like to highly recommend it. Great work done by Neelabh Pratap Singh!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
It is available on Amazon in both paperback as well as Kindle version.
Do pick a copy for yourself: 

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!!!
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