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Book Review: Avatar Of Protector & The Secret Of Sudarshana By Chetan B Thakkar

Book Review: Avatar Of Protector & The Secret Of Sudarshana By Chetan B Thakkar:

Hello Friends,

I am back again with an another Book review. Today's book is 'Avatar Of Protector And The Secret Of Sudarshana' By Indian author Chetan B Thakkar. It is a mythological fiction.

Plot Summary: I accidentally got to know that I had a superpower when I tried to save my friend and I got to know my real identity. I'm the 10th avatar of the God, Vishnu. My name is Kalki Vishnu Yash. I was just a normal boy. I play cricket, I go to my college and I hang out with my friends. On my 18th birthday, two unknown men tried to kill me, and the mythology stories started to come true. That's when things really started going wrong. Now I have to fight with my sword and battle monsters with my friends.
Kalayus, lord of the planet Nibru, thinks that I have a Sudarshan Chakra, Krishna's strongest weapon. Why does Kalayus want the Sudarshan Chakra? Can Kalki will find the Sudarshan Chakra before Kalayus?

Published By: Notion Press

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 154

Price: Rs 180/-

About The Author: Chetan Thakkar is an entrepreneur and the author of Five Habits Of Lifehacks. He worked in 19 different fields before he started his own business and began writing inspirational and motivational articles. Writing is his passion, and The Avatar Of Protector was his first fantasy fiction novel.

My Review:

To start with, it is an Indian mythological fiction. You will see characters and references to Indian Hindu Mythology like God Shiva, Krishna and Sudarshan Chakra, Mahabharata etc

Although it is a mythological story, but it is a very simple and not at all a heavy weight complex story. Writing style, language and plot is very straight forward and simple to understand.

The basic story line is that, as we all are aware that God Vishnu has taken different avatars from time to time, in the form of Lord Ram, Krishna, Gautam Buddha and so in Kalyuga, that is in the present time the main character of the story is the 10th avatar of Vishnu.
The story begins with the kidnapping of the parents of the main character Kalki and meeting with Indrayani, daughter of Lord Indra and going to planet Paradise and unfolding everything from Who is he? What is his purpose? What are his powers? and How to get back his parents from those Devils?

The story do have lots of twists and turns and involves various interesting aspects like Adventure, Suspense, Friendship, Jealousy and lot of Fantasy.
If you like Fantasy and Mythology then you will love this book!

Although, there were lots of characters involved, still I feel that the ending of the book could have been little more better and interesting.
My favorite chapters would be 'Wow It's Planet Paradise', 'Letter From Krishna' and 'I got the Magical Sword'.

Overall it is an average read for me. Surely a must one time read for fantasy lovers!! :)

Do pick a copy for yourself:

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!! :)

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