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Book Review: Rakshasas The Shadow Warriors By Rajiv G Menon

Book Review: Rakshasas The Shadow Warriors By Rajiv G Menon

Hello Friends,

I have been reading a lot from past few months and enjoying every bit of it. Do tell me what you all book lovers are reading currently and what kind of books you like to read.
I have been enjoying reading mythological fiction lately. Today's review is also about a book which is a mythological fiction.
It is 'Rakshasas The Shadow Warriors' By an Indian author Rajiv G Menon. This is the second book of 'The Vedic Trilogy'.

Plot Summary: The world is in turmoil. Naraka and his formidable Asura war machine march unhindered across it bringing once great nations to their knees. They have now set their eyes on the ultimate prize- Bharata, the land of the seven rivers. Indra and his Devas struggle to contain this threat, even as they battle their own differences and the temptations of Swarga.
In Bharata, Jayanta, the son of Indra, is the new ruler. But as he prepares for the Asura invasion, a potent threat is rising in the vast forests of Dandaka. Vidyukesa the only survivor of a genocide perpetrated by Jayanta- has journeyed into its heart and made contact with the Order of the Sarpa, an ancient and powerful secret society headed by Queen Manasa. With the blessings of Raksha, the Earth Spirit, the Sarpas transform Vidyukesa and his companions into supernatural beings called Rakshasas. Their mission to protect their land, forests and way of life.
In this second installment of his Vedic Trilogy, Rajiv G Menon weaves a rich and vibrant tapestry of the epic struggle between earth worshiping feminine cultures that live in harmony with nature, and the patriarchal forces that seek to tame her.

Published By: Westland Publications

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 442

Price: Rs 399/-

About the Author: Before setting out on a writing career, Rajiv G Menon was an actor, screenwriter, traveller and a beach bum. A voracious reader since childhood, he was fascinated by stories and characters from Indian, Greek and Norse mythology. His other interests include swimming in the ocean, forest walks and motorcycling. He lives in Bangalore with his wife Dimple and son Vir.

My Review: Starting with the cover, I loved the book cover, goes well with the plot and has embossed Title on it. This is the second book in 'The Vedic Trilogy'. The first page of the book is the map. I love books with some kind of illustrations in them, they just add a different dimension and feel to the book and map surely add a hint of real world to the otherwise fantasy fiction.

It is a mythological fiction. According to me if a mythological fiction is not written in a proper manner, it can actually look very childish and a fairy tale. It should have some amount of depth and elaboration in the scenes and characters and I must say Rajiv has done it very beautifully.

The scenes are written in a very balanced way without any loose ends and you can easily visualize the scenes and characters in your head. I must say the overall story is quite fascinating and compelling. It has a lot of action, war and drama ,filled with various emotions and excitement. There is war between Gods and Devil with numerous references to the mythological names like Lord Indra and many others.
The narration style of the author is smooth and interesting. I enjoyed reading it. There was not even a single dull moment.

I have not read the first part. But I am surely buying that very soon after reading this one. Initially there was some confusion in understanding and to remember all the characters since there are quite a lot of them.
The book also was not a very fast read for me personally and it took me some time to finish it since there is a lot going on in the story and the author has build everything in a very beautiful way, so you do not find the need to skip any part.

I would say this book is a package. It is like watching a nice movie full of adventure.
Would highly like to recommend this book.
Do pick one copy for yourself:

Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.
Till my next post, Enjoy Reading!

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