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Book Review: I, Duryodhana... By Pradeep Govind

Book Review: I, Duryodhana...  By Pradeep Govind

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am back again with an another book review. The book today I will share here, will surely be in my favourite list of book of this year.
The name of the book is 'I, Duryodhana' by an Indian author Pradeep Govind.

Plot Summary: Awaiting emancipation through,the embrace of death, Duryodhana, the fallen Kaurava prince reminisces about the past as he narrates his version of the incidents that unfolded in his life, starting from his birth as a lump of flesh.
Truth is frail and often vulnerable to distortion as history tends to favour the victors. This saga of pride, loyalty and heroism interlaced with deceit, hypocrisy and betrayal, leaves the readers with that one vital question, ' Who is to blame?'

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Om Books International

No.Of Pages: 344

Price: Rs 295/-

Format: Paperback

My Review:
Starting with the beautiful cover, very apt for the title. Gives a hint that story might be something about a warrior or a powerful king in the battlefield... 

The story starts right from the birth of Duryodhana. The book is based on the Epic Indian tale of Mahabharata from Duryodhana point of view, which is very different and unique from the traditional story we have always heard.
I personally have never ever read or heard much of Duryodhana, so reading a story revolving around him was fun to read. It shows all the dynamics Of Hastinapur. The chemistry between the cousin brothers. The struggles and politics surrounding the title of 'Crown Prince Of Hastinapur..

It conveys a message that sometimes it is just the circumstances not the actions, that can portray some people good and some people in a bad light.

The book is enthralling with a great detailing. Each scene and character is well built and portrayed.
I did not found continuity breaking at any point of time.

Sometimes, these kind of books could feel heavy but this one is well balanced and comfortable to read. Pace is neither too fast nor too slow.

I must say the book is an adventure in itself and would highly like to recommend it. I totally loved reading it. The book feels well researched and well written.

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!

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