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Book Review: The Sinners By Sourabh Mukherjee

Book Review: The Sinners By Sourabh Mukherjee

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Today's review is about a book named as ' The Sinners' by an Indian author Sourabh Mukherjee.

The Sinners is a fast paced thriller with a shocking twist that unravels against the backdrop of corporate warfare, illicit relationships and ruthless seduction games.

Plot Summary:
Vikram Oberoi is found dead in his penthouse. A few hours ago, his involvement in a sex scandal in NexGen Technologies made headlines across the world.
Who is behind the sinister conspiracy that destroyed Vikram Oberoi, the philandering India Head of NexGen? Rivals within and outside the firm? One of his many jilted lovers or the miffed wife? A mysterious conspirator laying out honey traps to sabotage his plans? Or, is it the ghost of a sinful past that continues to haunt the Oberois?

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

No. Of Pages: 191

Price: Rs 199/-

Format: Paperback

About The Author:
Sourabh Mukherjee has written two psychological thriller novels and three short story collections appreciated by readers, critics and the media. His books have been adapted into audio books and considered for screen adaptations. He works in a senior leadership position in a global technology firm. He speaks frequently in technology conferences in India and abroad, and has authored a popular book on emerging technologies.

My Review:
It is a story about protagonist Vikram Oberoi, a senior leder in the NexGen. The stroy shows how uncontrollable desire for money, power, success and women can lead to downfall and fatal consequences.

The story starts with Vikram found dead in his penthouse. The story goes in flashback. The story is about corporate politics and surrounding conspiracies and scandals. Vikram is a womaniser and often gets involved with the ladies from inside and outside office. His tough time starts when NexGen started loosing on its market, his postion is challenged by other employees of the company, unhappy married life ... Vikram soon falls prey into a big conspiracy and looses everything..

I must say that the story has enough twists and turns to keep readers engaged. Although, it is not one of the most unique story I have read but the plot has pretty decent suspense. The language is very simple and all the characters and the scenes can be visualised easily. Narration is clear with no overlapping and confusion.

People have to pay for their sins is what the story says.
A fast read. Here is link to buy a copy for yourself:

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