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Hello Friends, As a beauty blogger, i am always writing articles about how to take care of your outer beauty in the form of various skin care or hair care tips or Makeup Product Reviews to help you guys to maintain yourself in a better way.As soon as we hear word'Beauty', all we can think is of makeup,skin care and achieving a perfect body or buying beautiful clothes! 100% Correct....Nothing wrong in that...But one another aspect of 'Perfect Beauty', which we often forget is 'Inner Beauty' which is equally important.

In Today's hectic lifestyle, we tend to forget that to achieve a 'Perfect Beauty', there needs to be a perfect balance between Inner and Outer Beauty. The glow that you will get from your Inner Beauty will not only complement your outer beauty but will enhance it in many ways.

One way to enhance your inner beauty is to bring a certain level of satisfaction and peace and this cannot happen if your mind is restless. 

Below i am sharing one simple method, which will help to relax your mind after that long tiring hectic day.This is something which i and my family has been practicing and it has proved very helpful for us. Personally for me it has helped me to be more confident about who i am!!

The dawn of 21st Century has brought profound changes in Indian way of thinking. The life, be it personal, social or professional is undergoing massive transformation, truly disruptive of existing ethos. Family , Friends, society all are fading into oblivion. Distances are becoming larger,  working days are becoming grinding, full of stress and agony. One is not left with time even for self let alone others. After such a grueling and tiring day, by the time one reaches home, he or she is half dead.

RELAXATION for a few minutes through auto-suggestion does wonders to make one refresh and reinvigorating. Technique is very simple, just sit in relaxed posture and close your eyes, give a thought that all stress and tiredness is going out from your toes, feet, ankles, knees and thighs. Just relax for a minute. Imagine you are feeling relaxed and light. Repeat the process for fingers, wrists, elbows, arms and shoulders. Repeat the process for chest, heart & stomach and feel relaxed. Again repeat the process for neck, spine, back and hips and feel relaxed. Same way repeat for mind, brain, eyes, nose, lips and face. After this, sit relaxed and feel entire body is feeling fresh. Do it for few weeks and observe the difference.

MEDITATION is another way for developing calm and peaceful life. Thinking about a thought again and again is meditation. At early morning just sit in relaxed posture for about half an hour with a thought ‘ Divine is within me ‘. Many stray thoughts will come in mind and you may find it difficult to sit, just ignore them and repeat the Divine thought. Practice of a few days will start regulating the mind, you feel calm and tranquillity within. Divine is nothing but love for everything. In meditation remarkable thing is that while you are absorbed deeply inside, you are aware of your surroundings and you are enjoying this relaxed state that prevails during deep sleep. Meditation not only regulates mind but also Heart beatings and Blood pressure, results in improved concentration and productivity.

Another golden advice is to stop immediate reaction to various situations in day to day activities, just pause for a few moments, reflect and then respond to situation. Believe me, many of your problems will just evaporate.

This entire process makes one humble, respectful and selfless and entire world appear to be different.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and do share your experiences.

 Happy Reading!!

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