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My Review: Adidas Fruity Rhythm EDT For Women

My Review: Adidas Fruity Rhythm EDT For Women:

Hello Friends, Today i thought to review a product which i have been loving very much lately and which is little bit different from my regular makeup or skincare products. This is something which is not exactly beauty related but definitely a very essential part in our day to day life. Perfumes!!

I am definitely a big fan of using good perfumes and cannot imagine getting ready without wearing a good perfume!!

Today i would be reviewing an amazing Perfume which i am currently obsessed over and loving.It is from Adidas- The Fruity Rhythm EDT
I was looking for a new perfume some time back.I really wanted to try something new, which is good yet pocket friendly. For my daily perfumes which i can wear everyday to office, i like to wear more affordable perfumes rather than high end ones like my favorite Burberry..
While searching online, i came across this Adidas Perfume, the first thought that came across my mind was that oh! it is from Adidas, so it will be too sporty or masculine and i am someone who likes fruity and feminine fragrances.

But friends, this is a total shocker! I love it..Totally feminine and Fruity Fresh Fragrance... 

About the Product:

  • First thing first, Beautiful Classy Packaging: Adidas has really done a good job in designing its EDT bottles, not in the terms of designs but in the quality and finish. It looks really sturdy and sophisticated.Its Beautiful!
  • Girly colored Pink Bottle: This EDT variance has a very light pink tinted bottle with little darker Pastel Pink color Cap and Text.The Pink themed Packaging really compliments the Fruity Feminine Fragrance.
  • Really a Peppy Fruity Scent.
  • Not mild but also not a very strong smell that will give u a headache 
  • From a very reputed brand Adidas.
  • Easily available at super markets or online. You can also get good discounts sometime
  • Retails for INR 649 for 50 ml of product
  • Very good staying power. Stays for around 5-6 hours easily
  • Main notes would be fruity,sweet,woody, little musky
My Experience:

I would say i am pretty satisfied with the product.
I was looking for something which smells fresh and not a typical perfume types.I wanted something which is not overly strong that give a headache but strong enough to last at least 4-5 hours.

I love fruity and floral fragrances, but most of the times they tend to be too overpowering and strong and sweet that i hate totally... so i am very choosy with the perfumes. Also, if i go for body mists they smells soft and nice but they do not stay at all!! I feel like a wastage of money spending on most of them...So, I wanted something which was a perfect balance between strong and mild & sweet with a decent staying power.
And i am really happy with how this EDT tuned out!

It is affordable but does not smell cheap at all. If you are looking for a good budget Fruity Scented perfume to gift to someone, this can be a perfect choice.

Packaging is very basic neat and clean and classy. I quite liked it.Surely it does not have any fancy shaped Cap or Bottle, but it looks good on Vanity. No Complaints!

Performance is really good.It stays for around 4-5 hours on me daily on my work.Moreover, the packaging is not bulky so it can be carried in your bag if you are travelling.

One thing i would like to suggest that do not start with 2-3 sprays at one shot, if you have just bought it...It can be little strong if overly sprayed. 2 Spray will be more than enough if you want it to stay long.
Adidas do have other Variances as well. So if are not a lover of Fruity scents, there are definitely other options to choose from accordingly to your linking.
On and all, Value For Money!!

Rating- 4/5

 You can definitely give it a try. Also do share your comments if you are using this or any other Adidas EDT, so that i can also try some other variance as well...

You can buy this at:

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Happy Reading!!

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