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My Review: Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On

My Review: Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On:

Hello Friends, Today i would be reviewing a Blush from one of the most affordable brand in the Indian market "Blue Heaven". I have been using it from a quite a while now and though it is high time to write a full review about it. I have shade No.503, which is a pretty Coral color with subtle golden sheen to it. 
Let us see whether it worked for me or not:

About the Product:

  • One of the most affordable Blush in the market for sure.If you are looking a really budget blush, then definitely Blue Heavens can be good for you.It retails for INR 125 only, which is pretty into the pocket friendly zone for a Blush.
  • 4-5 colors are available to choose from.There are pink,purple, coral and a little light brown variance available.You can choose according to your choice.
  • Packaging is quite basic with a see through lid.Nothing fancy.
  • Shelf life is 3 years
  • You get 7 grams of product in INR 125 
  • Has a strong fragrance. 
  • Easily available in the Indian market everywhere.
  • Weak Pigmentation
  • Easily Blendable
  • Can be carried while travelling.No problem with that.

About the Product:

If you are looking something which is really budget friendly as well great in performance, then i would say that it is not that great in the terms of its performance. It is great for your pocket, but not that great Blush!
Blushes are something which are meant to be pigmented. If they are not properly pigmented then no use of spending a single penny or a thousand bucks on them..

For this one in particular, i would say this is really a beautiful Coral color with little golden sheen to it.Very suitable specially for Indian Skin tone.It is more kind of a Party wear shade..Orangish and golden finish.Beautiful...

But WEAK pigmentation!!!You need to layer it up to have its full effect. Otherwise no use! More suitable for use as a highlighter that is, just to add little bit of shine..Thats all! By itself it is not a very impressive blush..
And it smell so strong...Powdery kind of! If you are someone who does not like any fragrance in your beauty product, you are not going to like this one for sure.It smells really strong!

I use this one as a daily blush while going on my work since it is not that flattering for a party look which requires more coverage.

As for the texture, it is pretty good. No complaints on that considering the great price it is offering...Blends well!But Color Payoff is totally a thumbs down!!

On and all, A Beautiful Coral color with weak color payoff!

Rating- 2/5
If you are looking for a nice budget Blush, i would suggest to explore the market more and see if there are any other option you can go for, before buying this one!

You can buy this at:

Do share your experience in the comment section below.I love to read them...
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Happy Reading!!

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