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Trying Out Some Exquisite Munnar Tea! - 'Ripple'

Trying Out Some Exquisite Munnar Tea! - 'Ripple'

Hi Friends,

Tea is one of the most loved beverages across the world.
Are you also a Tea lover like me? If yes then I am sure you might have heard about the very famous Munnar Tea. Munnar is a hill station situated in Kerela, India and famous for its Tea plantations and manufacturing.

Today I would be sharing my experience about trying tea from one of such Brand 'Ripple' from Munnar, Kerela (India)

'Ripple' is the name of the Brand of the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company Pvt Ltd. Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company is the first ever employee owned plantation company in India, and also the largest producer of Tea in south India, producing over 24 million Kgs of garden fresh teas, complying to the latest Food Safety Standards.
Here is the link to their website:

I personally have visited their huge tea plantations and manufacturing unit while my visit to Munnar. It is considered as one of the 'Go To' tourist spots there. They offers a large variety of Teas to choose from. You can taste them there and purchase whatever you like. Munnar is the best place to buy tea and not to mention its spectacular scenic beauty. You can also buy their products directly from their website

Today I have two of their variants for review:
  1. Ripple Premium Leaf Tea
  2. Ripple Classic Green Tea
1. Ripple Premium Leaf Tea: This one is the very basic daily tea, like the one we have with milk in the morning. It has a very fresh aroma. You will not be needing too much of it to get the proper color of the tea. It retails for Rs 90/- for 250 grams of product. I am continuously using it from last one week and have finished half of the packet already. Every one in my home loves its flavor. It is neither too black and dark nor too mild. It is just perfect. If you like to have that normal milk tea then definitely you will love this one.

2.Ripple Classic Green Tea: We all know green tea and their never ending health benefits. The one I have is the Classic green Tea. This is not in the powder form, rather this is in the form of dried leaves. I loved the quality of this one. It feels so authentic and feels coming directly from the origin. I generally have it without sugar. Green tea is known to be rich in Polyphenols, that impart a unique flavor and aroma. This tea comes in a very nice tin jar, which is reusable once your tea is finished. Pricing is Rs 350/- for 50 grams of product. This is the kind of tea which will immediately wake you up in the morning. Shelf Life is 12 months.

On their website, you can order some really interesting Tea variants like White Tea, Lemon Tea, Green Peach Ice Tea, Rose flavored Tea and many more. You can also find Coffee and even chocolates on it. They do have some offers going on from time to time.
So, I would highly recommend this Brand, if you are a true Tea lover. Just order from their website
 and enjoy the flavors sitting in your home, all the way from hills. They have a unique freshness in their Tea.

Hope this post was helpful for you readers and do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Till my next post, Stay Happy!! :-)

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  1. Hi, can u plz explain how to make green tea using this?

  2. Several many thanks for share your blog website right here. Commercial Tea Machine

  3. why there is no expired date printed in your packaging?


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